Thursday, June 2, 2011

HyperCraft intro - Take two!

Hyper has joined the group.

Hello, everyone! I figured I'd give a real introductory post this time around. Lol.

I'm Hyper, or JoshDJX on Twitter, and I started playing WoW during patch 3.1 and wasn't level 80 until a bit after 3.2 came out with ToC. For about the last year I've been an avid reader/lurker on JMTC as well as the many other gold making blogs out there! I believe I started getting interested in making gold back when the podcast CASTaclysm was still going and I tried out some of Markco's gold tips mentioned on each episode. Since then I became hooked on reading gold blogs and listening to many podcasts such as Call to Auction, Auction House Junkies, Addicted 2 Azeroth and my most recent hook Power Word: Gold.

My goal with this blog initially is to get my feet wet into blogging about my experiences making gold or just WoW in general. Perhaps not getting in the nitty gritty calculations, but more along the lines of trying out a strategy and posting about my personal findings. After a bit of getting use to I'm sure I'll be on top of the latest and upcoming patch changes and opportunities. I'm going to try having 2 posts per week at the very least as my brainstorming juices begin flowing!  (Like the Slime pipes!)
This will be my first real jump into blogging so please bear with me as I clean up the site and learn these magical blogspot tools. If anyone has any suggestions for the blog layout and such please leave a comment! =]

Game on,

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