Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First week of 4.3 - MySales

Oh man what a patch 4.3 has turned out to be. With all this excitement of new content within the past week you don't think I forgot about gold did you? The following post shows my experience with the patch from my gold making point of view.

My previous experience with patch 4.2 was that you could never stock up on enough on gems, especially Red gems. To prepare I've been buying up a ton of ore and prospecting/transmuting for weeks before the patch. I had roughly 240 Inferno Rubies to begin with.

As soon as the servers went up on Tuesday, I jumped all over the auction house. Fully stocking it up with every cut in my arsenal. For most of Tuesday I was "that guy" camping the AH undercutting and re-posting. Also, I got some other item enhancements ready such as some Powerful Ghostly Spellthreads and Flintlockes Woodchuckers. Unfortunately no Leg Armors as my LW is too low. Still, I was set and nothing was gonna stop me!

And then it began. The marvelous flood of yellow text spamming my chat box. <Insert maniacal laughter here>  I could barely keep up with restocking sold gems, it was glorious! As I said before, for most of Tuesday I spent my time camping and keeping the AH stocked with my gems, with some time running the new dungeons but always posting between queues.
Within the first day I had earned 80k gold.

For the first few days I was rocking it. One of my friendlier competitors, however, was out of stock while I still had quite a bit. I thought I was good, but a couple days later my Inferno Ruby supply was dwindling down to nothing. With Ore as expensive as it gets during new patches I would have to take the hit and sell only others. (Presently I have restocked again.)

I apologize for such a long post. My excitement for 4.3 and my earnings is overwhelming! Below I have screenshots of my MySales records for the past week:

200k gold is not too shabby for a week of selling mostly gems!(3 Jasper dailies in a row, too!) As a side note, I find the disparity from Int gems to Str/Agi to be very interesting. Perhaps an influx of casters who wanted the Legendary staff and switched mains? Then again 6 of the 10 classes in WoW use Int in some way so that makes sense.

Besides gems the following items are hot sellers right now:

- Various Enchants and Enchanting mats such as Greater Celestial Essences

- Flintlocke's Woodchucker

- Powerful Ghostly Spellthread
- Powerful Enchanted Spellthread

- Drakehide Leg Armor
- Charscale Leg Armor
- Dragonscale Leg Armor

Don't think that just because the initial rush has depleted that you won't sell anything, quite the contrary. With the ease and pace of the new dungeons many players will be running and gearing up alts and that's where you come in with your gear enhancements. Just get out there and sell!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mobile Armory AH Update - Saving Time!

The Mobile Armory App just updated last night with some interesting feature additions to the Auction House. Both being major time savers. (Time is Money, friend.)

Setting Undercut Values

When posting from the Mobile Armory App, you can now set it to automatically adjust your Buyout price to whatever amount you wish to undercut the lowest poster. This can save a ton of time instead of tapping values for each and every items Bid and Buyout prices.

Mass Buyouts

Let me start out by saying this feature can be a major game changer. The Mobile AH now shows how many like-priced auctions are up and puts them in a single group, much like Auctionator's Buy tab. When you tap/click on one of these groups you'll find that the next window allows you to purchase the maximum amount of stacks being sold at the same price. With one touch of the 'Buy' button (assuming you're already logged in and authenticated) the app begins to purchase each of the auctions!

But, what does this mean? 

Now you have a choice to either be in game spam clicking Auctionator when buying massive quantities of items or log out for a moment and purchase it all with a single touch. This is a major benefit for auctioneers who keep on eye on markets while working or busy.

One thing to keep in mind when using this new feature is the cap on Purchasing and Posting from the Mobile Auction House. (That's cap is still in, right? :(  )  I can foresee many of us reaching that cap regularly thanks to the overall convenience of buying so much at once.

If the Mobile App is getting this treatment, which rivals if not surpasses in-game addons, it may mean that the in-game AH might have another overhaul in the purchasing department. I welcome an Auctionator style of functionality coming to the default AH UI.

What do you guys think of this new feature?
Any ideas on how we could further take advantage of it?

Thanks for reading! :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Justice Points to Gold

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all a quick and dirty gold making tip!

After you're done gearing up your character with full Justice Point gear and higher you may notice that you're starting to accumulate a lot of extra points with not much to spend it on. How can you make a profit on them?

Wrath Gems
This is my favorite way to dump my excess Justice Points. You can purchase Wrath gems at the vendors in Dalaran. Personally I've only bought the Cardinal Rubys for 220JP each, with raws selling for about 175g and cut for 200g. Clearly a Jewelcrafter will benefit most from this since you can pick and choose whether to sell Raw or Cut according to your market.

Justice Boots
Another thing you could spend Justice points on are the BoE boots. Formerly known as Valor Boots, these are now easy to come by since they now simply cost Justice points. They've been going for about 500-2000g on my server.

These are two methods of dumping any extra Justice Points I have, what about you guys? Have you found other profitable venues? Leave a comment!