Friday, July 29, 2011

Justice Points to Gold

Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all a quick and dirty gold making tip!

After you're done gearing up your character with full Justice Point gear and higher you may notice that you're starting to accumulate a lot of extra points with not much to spend it on. How can you make a profit on them?

Wrath Gems
This is my favorite way to dump my excess Justice Points. You can purchase Wrath gems at the vendors in Dalaran. Personally I've only bought the Cardinal Rubys for 220JP each, with raws selling for about 175g and cut for 200g. Clearly a Jewelcrafter will benefit most from this since you can pick and choose whether to sell Raw or Cut according to your market.

Justice Boots
Another thing you could spend Justice points on are the BoE boots. Formerly known as Valor Boots, these are now easy to come by since they now simply cost Justice points. They've been going for about 500-2000g on my server.

These are two methods of dumping any extra Justice Points I have, what about you guys? Have you found other profitable venues? Leave a comment!

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