20kLeveling Review

Hello guys! This is a review I had written on an older blog and since I wrote it myself I felt I would import it to my blog. =]  I have updated some information such as additional chapters added since I originally reviewed it. I decided to leave in the Con Edit because I feel that shows just how much effort is constantly being put into the guide. Anyways, Enjoy!

Markco, Creator of 20kleveling.com and the Just My Two Copper gold making blog and forum community, is highly experienced with teaching his methods in a concise and thorough manner. The guide isn’t just a typical “here’s where to farm” type deal. It is designed to give you the ability to understand markets, use the auction house and your professions to effectively increase your gold income within the World of Warcraft. No matter if you’re a WoW veteran who’s been playing since launch or a newbie level 1 who just started today, Markco’s 20kleveling guide will help. The great part is that the guide is constantly being updated at no additional cost!

Here’s my in depth review:
As I log into the Members area of 20k Leveling I am welcomed with links to the Cataclysm and WotLK guides. Also on this page is a list of latest updates to the guide and current “hot” gold making tips which are very helpful for making gold as well as preparing for upcoming changes to the game.

Now, when entering the Cataclysm guide section you will first see the "0.0 Tutorial Chapter” section which shows you how to navigate through the entire guide. In total there are 16 Full chapters covering a very wide range of topics, such as teaching you how to use Auctioneer and other addons to their fullest potential. Other chapters include topics such as: Your first Auctioneer scan, Leveling your character and Starter Cash, Using Professions(Spreadsheets included)  and even a 10-day Baby Steps guide to using the Auction house. At the top of most chapters and subsections Markco has added his own recordings explaining the contents of the chapter. A recently added chapter covers the newly released Trade Skill Master addon extremely in depth with over an hour of video!

Pros and Cons:
Pros – Once you get it all future updates are free! Markco is always looking for ways to improve his guide as has shown it very well. Just the audio added to the chapters has really improved the quality of the guide. This guide helped me immensely with making gold.
Cons – Hmm. There’s not much I can think of other than the layout of the site is a bit bland and basic.
EDIT: Markco just recently upgraded the layout and design! Here’s a sneak peek:

It looks amazing now. I honestly have no con’s about this guide. Excellent work, Markco!

If you’re thinking about purchasing the guide, please follow through with one of the 20kLeveling links on this site as support to Hyper Craft. Thank you!

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Markco makes our lives less boring by enriching our gold making experience.