Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chocolate Cookies

Today I want to tell you all about my antics selling this odd cooking item. The Chocolate Cookie is a new Cataclysm recipe bought for 3 Chef's Awards at your local recipe vendor. Many people overlook this recipe since it's not a stat food and might only be purchased after getting the main stat recipes for their character.

These Chocolate Cookies are made with the very simple ingredients of Cocoa Beans and Simple Flour. Simple Flour can be purchased from the Cooking Supplies vendor near the Cooking Trainer. Cocoa Beans on the other hand come from using 1 Chef's Award to buy a bag of Imported Supplies, which in turn can have 40 or more Cocoa beans within. Essentially these just cost Chef's Awards that you can get a few of (or more) each day with the Cooking Daily quest.

Why do I even bother with making these cookies? Because there's a relatively new achievement that players will want to get called You'll Feel Right As Rain. My only problem is getting a nice stock of Cocoa Beans to work with.

What have I done to get a good supply of Cocoa Beans? I'll tell you! I have a younger cousin that started playing recently and is pretty greedy with gold as he saves for his mains Epic Flying. I told him I'd buy each bag of Imported Supplies for 10g and to C.O.D. them to me. Lo and behold he was excited for the money he could make doing the dailies and selling me the bags. Little does he know that I'm turning those same bags around for profit! Yes, evil I know! :( 

Using my new found stock of Chocolate Cookies I began barking in trade:
[You'll Feel Right As Rain] when you try my [Chocolate Cookie]s!(91 for Achieve) On the AH~
I have stacks of 20 and 11 listed up on the AH ready for people wishing to get the achievement. Within seconds of barking I already had a couple people buying!

I hope you guys enjoyed this simple tip that anyone can use!

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  1. I'm using selling Cocoa Beans to try to build starter capital on Project Goblin. Cooking dailies can be done from very early levels. Also a nice extra little income if you have unused alts sitting in a capital city.