Thursday, May 5, 2011

Winterspring Cub Pet for Profit!

What's that? New pets came out with 4.1, you say? Yup!
Along with Patch 4.1 this cute little guy was added to a vendor in Everlook. For about 50g(less with a Goblin and/or a guild perk) you can have your very own Winterspring Cub. But, wait! This pet is Bind on Use. So, while you're getting it for yourself, use the trip to stock up on them and sell them on the Auction House. I've been selling them regularly for around 85-180g a pop!
It's worth noting that if you're a Goblin Engineer you can use the Dimensional Ripper to teleport you there whenever you need to restock.
This pet is sure to be a popular hit not only for its cute nature, but for pet collectors wishing to complete the new 100 and 125 Pets achievements!

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